The Bike Film Fest in NYC was a great time like always!  There was a great turnout for both the street jam and the race that went down.  Pablo, Black Rob, Danny, Eddie, and the rest of the crew killed the street comp, with Pablo eventually taking the $100 for the long jump, getting 30 feet off of a one foot wedge.

The race that was organized through THE LAST PEOPLE was straight wild.  Mad people lined up at the start to race all over downtown with the hopes of getting the prizes packages back at the festival.  People went wild as hell breaking bottles, trying to take out other riders, and pon digga even maualed a taxi cab hood.  A few people gotten taken out too, but Ratkid ended up taking home a cult frame along with a bunch of other stuff.


There were awesome parties at night too all over the city, big thanks to everybody who makes this event happen. Brent and his crew of volunteers, Brian Barnhartt, Darryl Nau, all the sponsors, and everyone who came out to show some support!!!!!!!!

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  • Remo ur announcer


    For real Brendan I get no love??? I really had a lot of fun n helped organize with u n not 1 iota of love for Remo. Well I dig n I'll take that later, n to all my dawgs blak Rob n Pablo n of course Danny, I had fun with u guys, nxt gonna b even better trust me!

  • Remo ur announcer


    I apologIze I released on the wrong person, my fault. Let's make this happen more thru the summer, ok

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  • Brendan Brendan


    Yo my bad Remo, I'm blowing it. I got you in the video a bunch, I am almost done with it, hopefully get it up later today.

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