WE WERE THERE! (kinda)

The BMX Post Apocolympics from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Watch this video that FBM put together from their post apocolympics jam at HCS park.
We got there late as all hell but still had a great time and got to ride the park solo the next day.


The crew from POST BIKE SHOP and YOUR INN packed into Troy’s Mystery Machine for the trip up to Binghamton for FBM‘s Crazy jam at HCS Skatepark. Of course we left super late, but once we were on the road it was all good times.

We met with Greg Henry and his FUTANG CLAN up at the park, and had a big ol circle goin! Here are some stickers he blessed us with.

Goya put a lot of stickers on a lot of different things.

Member of the newly formed Merritt crew Scott McMenamin beat us up there in his car and kicked it with us all weekend as well, no sign of the Pon Digga though




Here is the first of 2 or 3 parts of the road trip that me and elvis took this weekend. We decided to bring Pablo along so he could do tricks for all 3 of us. Check out our session at the Binghamton Cement Park.


I saw this video featuring Akin “X” Francis, and a bunch of other locals from the Bing. X has some really cool clips and so does Derek Nelson at his crazy skatepark!


Pon Digga is now doin it for Albert St. I shot a whole bunch of pics inside of the FBM Machine Shop in Binghamton, so look for those coming soon.

There is also a bunch of stuff going down this week, like the BULLDOG BIKES PARTY on Thursday Night at the Union Square Ballroom, and a slew of events related to the BIKE FILM FESTIVAL which is this weekend as well.



This weekend, we made it up to the Mike Tag Cancer Benefit Jam in Ithaca, NY at EAST SHORE SKATEPARK.  Me Brett and Austin the Pon Digga packed 3 bikes, 3 people, and a bunch of random stuff into a Mini Cooper and hit the road.

This car was packed to the brim with people, bikes, shit talking, and good times. Brett and Pon Digga up front, with me lurking the back seat.

Big Thanks to John Lee, Steve Crandall, Kelly Baker, and the rest of the FBM crew, as well as all the Richmond dudes, upstate locals, and anyone else we chilled with over the weekend.

No thanks to Cancer, flat tires, and the dandy market by bakers acres!

I am going to go through all the photos I shot and get something up soon.  Until then peep the FBM website as well as LEAST MOST for some pics of the jam.





We are hopefully going to make it up to the Mike Tag Benefit Jam next weekend at East Shore Skatepark, right outside of Ithaca, NY.  Any FBM event is usually a good time, and this one will be no different.

If you can’t make it up to the jam, you can still donate money via paypal RIGHT HERE

Snow Deal

A few of us are going up to Binghamton tomorrow, it should be colder than here, snowy, and otherwise miserable. I am going to pick up and hopefully build up my new FBM frame that I have been waiting for. And get to take it on a test run at East Shore Skatepark.
X is gone from Binghamton, and so is warm sunny days like the one pictured above. I doubt we will get anytime in on the cement park, winter is no joke upstate!

Binghamton Life

xtabeHere are a couple of shots from a trip to Binghamton earlier this year. X kills the park as shown above.

nickywallrideNicky knows crazy people, crazy place, and crazy spots, here he is doing a crazy wallride under the thruway or something, up in orange county, ny somewhere.