Sean Rose sent over this video of his south NJ/Philly crew living it up!

Philly Edit

It’s 1:30 in the morning and I just put this edit together. I haven’t watched it really, so it could suck. But here is some of the footage I collected with the GoPro when we were packed deep into Black Rob’s van on our excursion to Philly.
The crew on this trip was Brendan Vail (myself), Black Rob Deveaux, Franky Navarro, Oba Stanley, Hayston Sheppard, AK Santiago, Ditto Vega, and Albert Hunt.

Can Ya Dig It?

There are a bunch of really cool pics of the jam in Philly over on DIG. Check out a bunch of cool Black and White photos that Rob Dolecki shot at the jam. Here are a few of them below.
Peep The Shirt!
Check out this guy’s shirt! He is boostin that big ass quarter in the YOUR INN/FIGUREHEAD shirt!

Black Rob always goes hard!
Black Rob Deveaux is one of the wildest riders around. He went hard at FDR like he always does and ended up with some meaty paws. This picture of him is great! REBEL SQUAD!
He also managed to figure out how to fit way too many bikes and people into his mini-van and drove all the way down and back!!!!

This man right here is Adam “Schnell” Schnellenbach, he is responsible for putting together the event and it was a great time! He plans on doing it again next year as well, so look forward to another awesome jam for a good cause!

Look at the rest of the pics RIGHT HERE

Out For Justice Jam at FDR

Phillies hats were all over the place

There was a Jam at FDR Skatepark in Philly on April 2nd 2011. The event was held to raise money for the ARF which helps out BMX, skateboard, and other non-sport athletes that sustain major injuries. The weather was real bad before the jam, but luckily the clouds and rain cleared up and the jam was a go.
There was a crew out there real early that thankfully cleaned out all the water and got the place ready to shred. The YOUR INN/REBEL SQUAD crew rolled down 8 deep in Black Rob’s mini van and we managed to get some good street riding in downtown later in the day as well. Below are a few shots that I took during the event, look for a lil Philly edit coming soon.

Big ups to Adam Schnell and 2×4 for throwing the jam, Jimmy Mac at Bulldog Bikes for letting us all crash at his place, and Black Rob for driving. Good times and I can’t wait for next year!

Check out some more pics of the day over on DIG BMX


FDR is one of my favorite parks ever, it is totally hand made by the people who use the park and built into I-95 in Philly. The place is totally wild and has tons of wild transitions all over.
Come down to this jam that is going to be going down EARLY on April 2nd, 2011. There will be a bunch of prizes from a bunch of companies that are on the flyer below!
I will def be down there slanging T-shirts and some type of food as well, Grilled Cheese? Potatoes? Tacos? who knows?

FDR JAM APRIL 2nd 2011

If that doesn’t make you wanna go down there maybe this will.

Van Homan – Little Devil – Criminal Mischief from groove section on Vimeo.