This weekend, we made it up to the Mike Tag Cancer Benefit Jam in Ithaca, NY at EAST SHORE SKATEPARK.  Me Brett and Austin the Pon Digga packed 3 bikes, 3 people, and a bunch of random stuff into a Mini Cooper and hit the road.

This car was packed to the brim with people, bikes, shit talking, and good times. Brett and Pon Digga up front, with me lurking the back seat.

Big Thanks to John Lee, Steve Crandall, Kelly Baker, and the rest of the FBM crew, as well as all the Richmond dudes, upstate locals, and anyone else we chilled with over the weekend.

No thanks to Cancer, flat tires, and the dandy market by bakers acres!

I am going to go through all the photos I shot and get something up soon.  Until then peep the FBM website as well as LEAST MOST for some pics of the jam.




Ran Dumb

Picture 5

Rob O trying a huge gap back in the day, the refelection here looks really cool right before he hits the water haha

IMG00432-20101119-2305Brett got introduced to Four Loko the other night. Since it is being outlawed all over lately he had to give it a go


Dr. Diggles tweakin the flux capactior in his time machine, bringing it back to the 90′s when he pushed the Honda and made moves!


Believe it or not this shit is disgusting, never again YUCK