texas life

I am sunburnt, bruised, cut up, and tired as hell. Austin has been a good time, two more days til I’m back in ny

Off to Austin

I’m headed to Austin, TX for a little bit. Probably wont be too many updates while I’m down there, but ill try to shoot a bunch of pics and have stuff for when I get back. I will be chillin with X so it will def be a good time!


I printed up some shirts that are available for sale, and I will be backpacking them around for the next few weeks. I am leavign today to go to East Shore Skatepark in Upstate NY for and FBM contest jam thing tomorrow, and then going to see the homie X down in Austin TX.

shady your inn delivery truck

Snow Deal

A few of us are going up to Binghamton tomorrow, it should be colder than here, snowy, and otherwise miserable. I am going to pick up and hopefully build up my new FBM frame that I have been waiting for. And get to take it on a test run at East Shore Skatepark.
X is gone from Binghamton, and so is warm sunny days like the one pictured above. I doubt we will get anytime in on the cement park, winter is no joke upstate!